Young people drive ride-sharing trend


By Marissa Rivera, Staff Reporter |

“The average millennial will spend $323,190 on ride-sharing over the next 25 years,” according to the web survey and market research firm QuestionPro. Although services such as Uber and Lyft are less common in Amarillo than larger cities, many Amarillo College students said they are following the millennial ride-sharing trend. 

 “I don’t use Uber often, but it is helpful and cheap,” Drake Hutton, a mass media major, said. 

According to Tom, a driver from AA Discount Taxi Service in Amarillo who declined to give his last name, Uber is destroying cab companies. 

He said using ride-sharing services is unsafe for passengers and taxis are safer since taxi drivers have to renew their license each year and also go through an extensive background check. 

Adrian Padilla, an Amarillo Uber and Lyft driver, said there is no reason to worry more about safety when choosing Uber or Lyft instead of a taxi. “Both services do background checks and criminal background checks, and I think it is pretty safe. Of course, you can get sketchy drivers from Uber or a taxi,” Padilla said. 

Jesus Hernandez, an engineering major, agreed and said he doesn’t think there is anything to worry about in Amarillo regarding the driving services. “I think Uber and Lyft are great for a night out with your friends. It saves lives.”


  1. I know an Uber driver in particular who is bad news in Amarillo, Tx. He passed all background checks including the criminal background check; however, his character is sleezy and is racist. I was told this Uber driver even has a conceal and carry license which I find very scary. looks are deceiving so young people, please be very careful. Just because someone passes a background check doesn’t mean you should not be cautious of who is being the wheel driving to and from in the community. Please be smarter than that.

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