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By MEGHAN HOLLAND, Staff Reporter |

No appointment is necessary for students who seek help with study skills or specific classes. Amarillo College’s Ware Tutoring Center welcomes walk-ins and offers free tutoring for a wide variety of subjects.

“Getting a tutoring session is really easy. Students can call and make an appointment, or they can just walk in, and that’s what most people do; they just walk in and ask for help,” Deanna Giasson, the peer tutoring supervisor, said. 

Saebryn Hanifin, a dental hygiene major, went to the Ware Tutoring Center to help her prepare for her anatomy and physiology exam after she was disappointed with her grade on the last test. 

“I just walked in and asked if I could do it right then,” she said. Hanifin said that they were kind and helped her figure out the best way to study for the test.

Tutoring sessions are available for groups or individuals. “We help with everything from understanding what an assignment is and how they’re supposed to do it all the way to helping them write a professional email to their instructor to make sure they are getting their point across,” Giasson said. 

Joshua May, a biology major, has been to several of the tutoring facilities on campus. He said that he had a great experience at the Ware Tutoring Center. 

“I went for composition help to work on essays, and I thought they did fantastic. I just thought it was a great experience every time I went, and I probably went six or seven times.”

Tutors ensure that the student feels comfortable being there, said Giasson. “A lot of it is just being attentive. You don’t have to be uncomfortable coming to ask us a question. It’s not a stupid question; you just don’t know what you’re doing in that specific area, so we can help you,” she said.

Many of the tutors use the Socratic Method to question students to see if they understand what is going on, said Giasson. She also said that the tutors strive to help students become more self-sufficient in their studying.

“Don’t be embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with not being sure about what you’re doing. We have all been there. There is nothing shameful about it. I think there has always been a big stigma against going to tutoring, but you’re utilizing the resources that you have to make sure you’re doing the best that you can,” said Giasson.

The Ware Tutoring Center, located in Ware Student Commons, Room 113, is available to help students with any subject except for math and science. Other tutoring locations on the Washington Street Campus include the Math Outreach Center, the Science Tutoring and Success Center, the Writers’ Corner and the Reading and Writing Lab. 

There are also tutoring facilities on the West Campus, Hereford Campus and Moore County campus Online tutoring services are also available. 

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