Students speak on helping the community

student speak

What have you done to make this community a better place?

Benny Loya

“The only thing I can probably think of is just interacting and being more friendly and social with people. Just trying my best to make people’s lives happier when I talk to them.”

Benny Loya, general studies
Angel Contrera

“I have volunteered at the adoptive center at PetSmart with animals, and I go to events with the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and events for autism.”

Angel Contrera, business
Jodi Perdue

“I’ve helped volutneer hours at the Amarillo SPCA and the Ronald McDonald House of Amarillo. I have also done a little volunteering at the Panhandle Humane Society, and I do continue to keep volunteering and see which areas need volunteering, or where they need it most.”

Jodi Perdue, psychology

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