Homegrown nurses to increase with new opportunities

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By ISABELLE LINK, Staff Reporter |

Amarillo College Washington St Campus announces the formation of a consortium conceived to increase the number of homegrown nurses serving rural Panhandle communities. The agreement took place Tuesday, Feb. 26th at 3 p.m. on the second floor of the College Union Building.

All involved with the agreement to expand nursing educational opportunities services, includes Amarillo College, Frank Phillips College, Dallam Hartley Counties Hospital District, Hutchinson County Hospital district, Deaf Smith Hospital District and Moore County Hospital district.

Rural Nursing Education Consortium (RNEC) fully supported the plan under terms that the college will deliver their course to each of the hospital districts.

RNEC has a goal to be able to produce nurses where they live in order to create a healthy future for all of these communities.

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