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By Austin Ashby, Staff Reporter ¦

There’s a new website that will help students find ways to get involved in the community.

“The reason we created the site is for two reasons. There are students who do just want to volunteer and now there are students who their classes require a certain amount of service learning,” Jenna Welch, student life specialist, said.

The site lays out how to get involved in the activities as well as lists many places where the students can volunteer.

The Student Government Association has volunteer projects every month that any student can participate in.

“We have done everything from working at the High Plains Food Bank to doing Boo at the Zoo,” Welch said.

SGA also goes to the Downtown Women’s Center one Saturday a month and other students can go volunteer that way as well.

“I think they get the feeling of being a part of their community,” Cecilia Almanza, president of SGA, said. “They also get the chance to meet new friends as well.”

Many psychology and speech courses are now requiring some kind of service learning and a subsequent report for a grade.

“I always suggest they find something that will give them experience in whatever field they are trying to go into,” Beth Rodriguez, assistant professor in psychology, said.

She encourages this because not only will the students be able to fulfill the requirement but, also have something to put on their resume or transcript.

“The real benefit comes from serving the community,” Rodriguez said. “Not once have I had anybody say ‘I hated it ‘and ‘it was the worst thing ever.’ They were more like ‘I didn’t realize giving back would make me feel so much better.’”

For more information, visit the website at

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