Students remember 9/11 attacks


By RAFAEL FLORES, Staff Reporter ¦

It has been 17 years since the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, and many Americans still commemorate those who lost their lives on that day. The Washington Street Campus of Amarillo College is no exception. Student Government Association members prepared a display to mark the anniversary of this tragedy. More than 2000 miniature flags were planted in the grass surrounding the buildings around the Oeschger Mall that morning; and were taken down later that evening. Each flag represented an individual who died in the event.

“It’s just something that we do when 9/11 falls on a school day,” Jenna Welch, student life specialist, said. “I think it’s really easy to read facts, and read stories; but being able to see something where you know that every flag in the ground is for somebody who lost their lives… it kind of shows you a picture of how it affected the country.” Welch also said that she wanted to use the memorial as a way to help younger generations remember that day.

The flags grabbed the attention of Jonathan Alonso, a mass media major. “I just think it’s cool that we have all the flags down here. I think it kind of shows one spirit as a school supporting all the people that lost their lives and all the families. It’s eye-catching,” he said.

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