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World of Warcraft
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By Sir Garen Grayson:

It’s 3 a.m. I’m chilling in my room with the lights off and I have classes in the morning, but I just got into a raid, so you know what that means? Two more hours of “World of Warcraft.” and a prayer to Y’Shaarj hoping he wakes me up in the morning.

What an amazing game. How can you play anything else, when you have an entire fleshed-out world, with dozens of races, and lore to back it up? From collectable mounts to in-game achievements, this really might be one of the most perfect MMORPG’s ever created.

Graphics: Sure, it looks cartoony, but that is also a part of its appeal. With the goofy emotes, dances and character designs, the art style of the game complements this well. Think about it, you get to ride on mounts ranging from mini rocket ships, to giant mammoths and Chinese dragons. Making this game look more realistic would take away from its personal flare that it has carved out for itself.

Playability: Come on, the game has been going on for 14 years with no end in sight and it’s still play-to-play. How many other games can make that claim? With tons of end game content, vast worlds to explore, dungeons to zerg and the ability to customize the armor your characters wear, what else do I really need to say? If you want PvP, it’s there for you. If you want to PvE, go ahead. If all you want to do is level alts (alternate characters), ain’t no shame in your game. Do what you want to your heart’s content.

End Game: Imagine grinding from 1-110. You’ve quested through Goldshire, did the AMAZING questline in Red Ridge, slayed countless Winterfall bear-folk, etc., etc., etc. Now you’ve made it to the end game. Here is where the legends are born. Assemble a group of friends to take down Mythic+ dungeons to gear up and raid. Hell, even race for world’s first on the bosses. Aim to be top healer, dps, or play making tank solo kills the boss after your entire raid dies with the boss at its last 2 percent, because you are just that damn good. This all can be achieved with a little hard work and dedication in this game called “World of Warcraft.”

So, when sizing up “World of Warcraft” against any of its competitors, how is this even a competition? Be sure to join the Horde because trolls are the master-race. Make the right choice and be WoW’d yourself.


  1. I know nothing about WoW or what “zerg” means, but this review is well-written. Only players will know what you’re talking about toward the end, but probably, those are the only people interested enough to read to the end. Nice job, Ocho. (By the way, it should be “flair” here, not “flare,” but you did use the right spelling of “complements.”)

  2. Hey bro I had to return to this post I legit just started playing wow not too long ago and need some tips.Is it cool if I add you?

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