Interpreting a path to success:

Sign Language
Photo by Lily Gamble.

By Laurel Sebastian:

Amarillo College offers free sign language interpreters, along with various other resources, to help deaf and hearing-impaired students succeed.

“Interpreters are useful for a number of tasks, like job interviews or engaging in classroom activities; however, it can get a little annoying to have an interpreter who is hard to understand or doesn’t fit your individual preferences,” Christyn Henson, an art major, said.

Signing is more than just hand gestures. It’s a unique language that comes with its own history and cultural background. “It is a complex system with multiple definitions for each sign a person knows. That is why it is best to use an interpreter who fits your personal style,” Autumn McClanahan, an AC sign language interpreter, said.

McClanahan said she welcomes the chance to play a vital role in students’ education. “I love interpreting. It comes with such an interactive and diverse background that allows me to help make a difference. Being a part of this career is a completely selfless task,” she said.

Along with interpreters, AC offers services for many other issues such as anxiety, dyslexia, paralysis and speech impediments. “The impact these services have on the students is huge,” Tyler Grisham, an academic adviser for students with disabilities, said.

“We appreciate the opportunity to serve people who might otherwise be turned away due to their disabilities,” she said.

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