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Edie Carter
Edie Carter. Photo by Stevi Breshears.

By Andrew Munoz:

Seasoned college students say the chances of running into a great professor can make or break a class, no matter how interesting the subject matter is. It’s no secret that one of the best ways to hear about a professor’s teaching style is from students and the occasional employees who have been in the class or work alongside a professor. One of these professors is Edie Carter, the dean of academic success who teaches developmental math.

“She works really hard to make the classes interesting by showing how math is relatable to our students,” Kim McGowan, a math instructor, said.

According to students, Carter goes above and beyond by showing how much she cares. “For me personally, she would tutor me in the morning time before class started. She would just help me with my homework,” Shauntelle Campbell, an education major, said.

When Carter is working with students, the focus is always on her students and their learning. She focuses so much on how her students can develop and understand the lesson. When test time rolls around they will be able to pass as one student said.

“She has made it pretty painless. Our reviews actually applied to the tests, from the notes and homework we had,” Taylor Rangell, a biology major, said.

She works extremely hard in the classroom, is completely dedicated to helping students outside of the classroom and is a leader across campus as one of her colleagues said.

“She has a lot of character. She’s generous, has integrity.  We share ideas and activities. We used to observe each other in the classroom so I have been able to get good ideas from watching her in the classroom,” Karen White, a developmental math instructor, said.

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  1. My first time at trying college here at AC I had one math instructor that embarrassed me because I asked a dumb question in class. I never asked another question and in fact dropped out for several years believing I could never be good at it. The next time I tried I was much older, my advisor suggested Mrs. Carter, and that suggestion changed my life. Mrs. Carter never made me feel stupid, or less than her. I never needed one on one help, but I always knew I could see her if I did. But most importantly she made me feel like I was worthy of an education and that I could in fact be successful in math. With that feeling and the same feeling from many instructors throughout my long journey with AC, I achieved my nursing degree, then bachelors degree, and now heading towards an even higher goal. I work for AC as a faculty member now and I LOVE being here, I see myself in many students and I want to be like Mrs. Carter. She is the one that gave me so much more simply by being who she is. Thank you Edie Carter!

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