Timberlake steals the show during halftime:

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By Carter Hall:

Super Bowl LII was a game to remember, but one person alone came in and stole the show during halftime. Justin Timberlake brought sexy back to the halftime show at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. As a Cowboys fan, my focus was only on the halftime show.     

The Philadelphia Eagles went toe to toe against the defending champions, New England Patriots. This game was anticipated to be a big one. What was not expected was one of the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows put on by Timberlake. He performed in front of a sold-out stadium and millions around the country and blew the roof off with his ability to entertain.

Timberlake performed all his classic hits that made him popular. It was very difficult not to jump off the couch and start dancing along. When Timberlake hit a high note I could not fathom trying, the crowd went wild. There were cheering fans rushing the stage to get a high five, a better view or maybe even a cool selfie to post on Instagram later. Fans went crazy with excitement when they heard their favorite songs such as “Cry Me a River,” “Rock Your Body” and many other of his great hits.  

Usually, people wear their favorite teams’ jersey for support, so it was a little out of place for people to see someone performing in a suit. Timberlake traded in his turtlenecks and curly hair to a shaved head and leather suit. Whatever phase he was in, I could easily recognize his voice anywhere and start singing. 

During the performance, Timberlake made his way to a grand white piano and as he started hitting the notes; a screen fell from the rafters to the turf. In between verses, he told the audience, “Minneapolis, this is for you.” A huge video of a man wearing an all purple suit, playing a yellow guitar and the most recognizable celebrity popped up. Prince. Watching Prince perform put goosebumps on my arms. As Timberlake and Prince sang a duet, the camera changed to a view outside the stadium. Downtown Minneapolis turned purple and the famous Prince symbol could be seen by millions.  Prince’s hometown would be proud.

As his performance neared the end, Timberlake, kicked it up a notch by singing his most popular song. The lights went out and boom. Multicolored lights covered the field and the people sitting in the stands. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” gave everyone the uninhibited ability to dance along with him.  Timberlake did what no other halftime performer has ever done, he walked up from the field to the people in the stands as he was singing. I envy those people. As he was singing, it was as if though it was the biggest party being thrown. He finished the song and took selfies with people on the way back down commenting “Super Bowl selfies”

Regardless who won this year, I and many others witnessed an entertainer giving his best in front of the loudest audience for a show. Timberlake shows no signs of stopping. Making movies and albums left and right, I know he will be around for a very long time. This Super Bowl halftime show was by far one of the greatest shows put on by one of the greatest entertainers, this century.

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