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by Wil Portillo

Will has returned, but he is not normal. Hopper is looking for Eleven and the crew is out of whack. The hit Netflix original show “Stranger Things” is back with a gripping and emotional second season.

“Stranger Things 2” picks up almost exactly one year after the previous season. Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will are all a year older and reality is hitting them hard as the fantasies and illusions of childhood innocence get stripped away with betrayal, governmental conspiracies, love and heartbreak.

The gang seemingly gets a new member when the tough skater tomboy Maxine (or Mad Max) from California shows up and causes strife between Dustin and Lucas.

Steve and Nancy are still dating, though who knows for how long. The cover-up of Barb’s disappearance and the inability to just let go make a rough patch turn rocky.

Joyce seems to be doing well, despite her son’s secretive “night terrors,” with her new boyfriend Bob Newby, (wonderfully played by Sean Astin). While Bob may be jumping for joy, Jonathan couldn’t have anything less to do with him.

At the end of the first season of “Stranger Things,” Hopper is seen leaving Eggos in a safe box in the woods, presumably for Eleven. Now, Eleven is living with Hopper and this couldn’t be more stressful. Psychic tantrums, the guilt Hopper feels over the death of his daughter and a forbidden outside world result in unimaginable tension.

Every time it seems as though the story couldn’t get better, the Duffer Brothers do what they do and shatter expectations with amazing character development, outstanding special effects and a cast that kills it in every episode.

“Stranger Things 2” leaves the audience completely satisfied but wanting so much more. Be ready for a killer sound track, Michael Jackson, The Police and, obviously, The Clash. Nonstop plot twists and 80s movie homages give this period piece the vintage feel that audiences crave.

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