Students give thanks:

By Brett Herring:

Once again it’s that time year! Family and friends, changing leaves, pumpkin everything and  food. The smell of turkey and stuffing filling the air, with christmas right around the corner.

Even though all of that is important, most important are the memories we make and the things we have to be thankful for. A few students shared what they have to be thankful for and best memories.

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is growing up cooking with my dad every year and always “testing” the mashed potatoes,” said Emily Fairweather, a medical data specialist major.

Many students mentioned how much they enjoy spending time with family on Thanksgiving.

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making peacan pie with my grandma,” Jordan Gipson, mass media major said

“I can’t think of a Thanksgiving I haven’t had a great time at, my family does a potluck and board games, and the night ends in an atmosphere filled with good sentiment, and long stories, we all go home waiting on the next holiday so we can do it all again-it really is a fun time,” said Tristan Pinter, a mass media major.

Students also said they appreciate having the ability to live in a country that prides itself on freedom, something millions of people don’t have the ability to experience.

“I am most thankful to be an American to have freedom to love live speak and believe as I choose,” said Will Clowe, a psychology major.

Some students’  favorite Thanksgiving memories are far from the traditional image of Thanksgiving dinner.

“One year we ate nachos on Thanksgiving and that was my favorite Thanksgiving because I hate turkey,” Sir Garen Grayson, mass media major, said.

So whether you’re sitting down to eat nachos or turkey, have a happy holiday from The Ranger.

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