More books for your buck:

Victor Mendrano, a business major, catches up on some reading.

By Katie Wylie:

One of the most common complaints among college students may be the price of textbooks. Students spend massive amounts of money each semester in order to purchase the books required for their classes. However, many alternative options to traditional book buying are becoming just as popular.

“For me I would rather buy or rent an e-book online because for starters it’s a lot cheaper than buying a book from the bookstore,” Morgan Adcock, a psychology major, said.

“Another reason I’d rather use an e-book is because it’s easier to find the information you need to study or use for assignments. With e-books you can search the information you need and it will pull it up for you instead of having to flip through the pages of a physical book forever,” Adcock said.

E-books have grown in popularity as many students like Adcock find the digital versions more accessible, cheaper and a faster and more efficient way to study and complete assignments.

E-books are not the only alternative for students who prefer a more modern approach when buying textbooks.

Sites like Amazon, Chegg and Boundless offer competitively cheaper prices on textbooks than a bookstore would.

“I used Amazon to order my books for this semester,” Eliza Smith, a general studies major, said.

“I think it’s a lot cheaper to order books off Amazon because the prices are so much better. I even rented a few books from Amazon too.” Smith said.

Renting is often the least expensive way to access textbooks.

“Personally, I would rather rent my books either online or from the bookstore just because it’s cheaper and I don’t want to spend a ton of money on books that I’m going to use for eight weeks and then never use again,” Aaron Shelby, a graphic design major, said.

Renting books, online book sellers and e-books are all alternative options in purchasing textbooks for school. Students want to spend their money wisely and by researching alternative ways of buying books, they can get a better bang for their buck.

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