Students prefer paper:

By Brianna Maestas:

Many Amarillo College professors have turned to digital textbooks to help the students have better access to their materials in a way that would be more appealing to them.

When it comes to textbooks, however, students often prefer paper and print to their digital counterparts.

“I prefer print because it’s more personal, I want to feel the book in my hands as I flip the pages, not just swiping across a screen,” said Ciara Kessler, education major.

Kessler is not alone in her opinion. “Overall, I prefer print over digital because it’s safe, and more personal,” Vivian Woods, a political science major, said. “I also prefer print for my reading material because I can doodle all I want and leave a signature,” said Woods.

The students also said printed books offer greater security. “With the internet and computers, there is always a way to hack into everything these days. Whatever you put into these devices isn’t always safe. With a pen and paper, when you want to delete it, you can burn it and it’s gone. It’s simpler and secure,” said Woods.

“The people that would choose print are most likely writers and heavy readers, but due to the rise in technology they choose digital for its convenience,” said Woods.

Digital is also commonly cheaper compared to print and some AC professors allow their students the option to choose the medium they prefer.

Although students prefer  traditional paper books, they understand why others would choose digital. “People probably prefer digital because it’s new and easier to access and carry around compared to a textbook,” Kessler said.

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