The Netflix hangover, how to cure your post-binge blues:

Avid Netflix binger, Salvador Gutierrez, shares tips for survivingthe end of your favorite show.

By Salvador Gutierrez:

You are enjoying an episode of your favorite series on Netflix, you know what’s going on in the show, the plot is interesting, and more importantly, you love the characters. This is the most interesting episode of the show and you just can’t stop watching; but then, after 30 or 45 minutes, the saddest moment of your life approaches you without warning.

You realize that the episode you are watching is the last episode of the season and that you will have to wait not just three, or five, or even six months until the next season comes out, but one whole year. Even worse, you might find out that your favorite show has been canceled. DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!

This has happened to all of us at least one time, and it’s really hard to get over it, but you should know that you are not alone. Along with many other people around the globe, I  have experienced post-series depression, also known as, “What do I do with my life when I’ve finished a series on Netflix?”

Because I have experienced post-series depression  often, I decided to start looking for ways to minimize the weekly pain of having to say goodbye to my favorite characters. So, I came up with a list of possible solutions to the problem.

1. Don’t start a new show

Wait between three to seven days before you start a new show. The binge-watching experience is not complete if you jump from one show to another without processing what you’ve just watched. Talk to a friend or find a group of people who watched the same show and have a conversation dedicated to the series, write a review and share opinions on social media.

It helps to talk to people who understand what you’re talking about, and other people will appreciate your comments and you will enjoy spending time reflecting on the show.

2. Perform basic daily activities

Sometimes when we spend too much time with Netflix (or other streaming services) we forget to perform some really basic activities like eating, sleeping and showering. Right after you finish the show, stand up, go to the fridge, make a sandwich, eat it, take a shower and go to sleep. Your body will really appreciate if you take care of it, and it will be ready for another 10 hour long binge-watching session.

3. Catch up with your life.

Binge-watching a series in one week or one night means that once in a while we have extra time to get away from the routine, but that does not mean that we should spend all that free time in front of a screen.

If you finished watching a show and you are thinking about starting a new one, stop, and look carefully around your house or at your planner, you will find something to do or you can always use that time to learn something new.

Think wisely about how you will spend your free time -the distance between taking a break and procrastination is really short.

4. Catch up with your friends and family

There is a chance that, while you were watching your show, they were watching a different one, or they achieved something important in their lives. Get in touch with them and spend some of that free time with them. Create new memories and enjoy their company. Talk about the show, but not too much or they will run away. Maybe you can start binge-watching with them.

5. Watch a documentary or a movie

Documentaries can be a great transition between binges. According to a study by Netflix, users usually watch a documentary or a movie and wait three days before they start a new show.

Now you know what to do to deal with post-series depression. Leaving your favorite characters behind hurts, but new characters will come and they will take you to new worlds and new adventures.

Be strong and don’t forget to pay the monthly subscription fees for your favorite streaming services or your favorite show will be gone for real.

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