Hurricanes rain money for unethical businesses:

By Tanahala Hughes:

If you have watched the news recently, then you probably have heard about Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose. Many people around the country are helping Texans recover from Harvey and Floridians deal with damage from Irma; however, along with people who are helping, there are people using the storms to their advantage.

Price gouging is a serious issue in South Texas and Florida right now. This is when a company jacks up prices knowing people are going to need certain items to survive the storm. There were pictures of stores in the southern part of Texas selling water for as high as $19 a case.

Unethical business people know that these storm victims are going to need water, sand, food, gas and much more. They expect people to buy items at these inflated prices because it’s simply what they need for survival. While unscrupulous businesses are making other people go broke, they are making themselves wealthy.

The state of Florida has officers looking for companies that are price gouging. They are putting a stop to it before it even happens.

People who use a disaster, a tragedy, to make money simply should not be allowed to own a business. They are using people’s lives to make money. It is a major issue and needs to be stopped.

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  1. Free markets provide by far the most equality and prosperity for the greatest number of people, and are the most democratic means of achieving social justice. The most fair and efficient ways to protest any bad business practice are 1) not to do business with unethical vendors, 2) organize a protest to boycott the business, and/or 3) open a competing business and do it your way.

    What is “price gouging,” anyway? Sometimes it is an unfair monopoly, which the government should rightfully regulate. Other times, as in the case cited, it is a cynical and short-sighted business practice that should be regulated by customers, not law enforcement. The far sighted business owner would have established prices to serve his customers to get them to come back after the hurricane.

    But cynicism and short-sightedness are not crimes. If they were, most of us would be in jail. The Constitution guarantees us liberty. That means the liberty to succeed or fail, to say and do thoughtful things or stupid things. These choices are up to each of us, not to the government. Proposing that some people “should not be allowed to own a business” for price gouging is even more cynical and short-sighted than the original sin of price gouging itself.

    Unfortunately, “price gouging” is a convenient emotional headline for those who do not understand the free enterprise hand that feeds them and have no respect for the difficulty of creating and operating a business. Communists and socialists have already tried and failed for a century to control people and markets, most recently in North Korea and Venezuela. The results have been millions of innocent dead people and hundreds of millions more in abject poverty and misery.

    We cannot make the world a better place by criminalizing stupidity and cynicism or continuing to erode the Constitution and using the law to compel others to feel and think as we do. The way to create a better world is to take responsibility in our own lives and the lives of our own families and communities.

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