The Work Boot Closet:

By Tanahala Hughes:

Two Amarillo College employees have started a Work Boot Closet, a work boot drive to help students who cannot afford work boots. The reason, may leave you wanting to donate boots yourself.

“My wife and I decided to start the boot closet because I have so many students who cannot afford good work boots that are non-slip and oil resistant,” Said Brian Jacob.

Jacob and his wife, Lynae, lost their son, Connor, in January of this year. He was a 25-year-old Auto Collision Program graduate. He graduated December of 2016. A lot of people donated money to the “Connor Jacob” fund through AC. Their son was very aware that students were not able to get these work-boots and that it could cause problems with safety.

“They wear tennis shoes on slippery floors in automotive and diesel areas.” Jacob said.

People are now able to donate old boots, and even money, to the Work-boot drive. This gives students the opportunity to be safe in the areas they would need the boots in.

“I want students to have access to work boots that will keep them safe at school and on the job,” Jacob said.

Work boots are one of the most important safety needs in classes and jobs that use heavy machinery and have slippery floors. Now, students will have access to work boots when they simply cannot afford them. The amount of money you have, now, cannot deny you the safety you need at school. The Jacobs were certainly aware of the safety issues without work boots and used the money the fund raised to help out.

“Connor had a heart for those that needed a hand up. Your donations will help us honor him in a way that he would be proud,” Lynae Jacob said.

Anyone who has gently used work boots can donate them to the Work Boot Closet on the East Campus for diesel, automotive and collision students.

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