Valentine’s Day: Awfully Simple or Simply Awful?

CRISTINA GOMEZ, Ranger Reporter:

As the holiday approaches, the feelings arise. Many people are excited to celebrate, while others dread even the thought.

Valentine’s Day is long celebrated by those in love; however, over the years, many say the holiday has evolved into something expected rather than sincerely celebrated. “It’s cool, not a bad holiday, just don’t put so much emphasis on it,” Christopher Askew, a general studies major, said.

Immediately after New Year’s Day, Valentine’s is everywhere. “It’s a holiday that was invented for profit. It’s lost all meaning,” Yessenia Gomez, a pre-med student, said. “It’s a promotional advertising scheme.” Gomez pointed out that candy prices shoot up because of supply and demand and automatically drop the next day. “I’m looking forward to the next day when my Snickers are 75 percent off at Wal-Mart,” she said.

Some people, however, still believe in the holiday–particularly females. Males often say they feel forced to participate. “Potentially it’s a lot of pressure to fulfill expectations. The concept is one of giving and receiving but a lot of people have the misconception that the more you spend the more you love,” Askew said.

“It’s way too hyped and advertised,” Joelysbeth Valle, a sonography major, said. “You never know what the other person is expecting. Do I go over the top? But what if he only gets me something small? It’s just too much to stress over.”

Some couples avoid the Valentine’s Day pressure by agreeing not to exchange gifts. “We agreed on no presents. It doesn’t mean he loves me any less or I love him any less,” Gomez said. “I’d rather just watch movies like any other day.”

Nevertheless, stores will still benefit greatly from this holiday. Elementary school children are still expected to participate in the traditional Valentine’s Day parties in class where there will be gift exchanges, candy bags and cookies. Many couples plan special evenings to mark the occasion. “We’re still celebrating. We’re having a nice dinner and a movie,” Valle said.

Valle said that while it is great to be appreciated on this holiday, “it’s stupid. You should show love to your partner every day.”

Gomez agreed but said she won’t turn down a present from her sweetheart. “While it’s beyond overrated, It’s still nice to be a little spoiled every once and a while,” she said.

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