Original Americana takes over YCS

Photo by Liz Moore, The Ranger. Eddie and the Eat performing live at Yellow City Sounds.

By JOSEPH HANSEN, Ranger Reporter:

On Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, Eddie and the Eat took their “Original Americana” sound and turned it into an evening performance for Yellow City Sounds (YCS) at the Panhandle PBS studios on Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus.

Yellow City Sounds is a PPBS production meant to give exposure to artists from all-around the Panhandle.

“We’re very glad we got asked to do this. It’s really an honor,” Eddie Esler, the band’s acoustic guitarists and lead vocalist, said.

When giving background information about how the band started, Esler said the band members work well together. “We all met over at Leftwoods for the Wednesday night jams, and after a while we all just got comfortable playing together,” said Esler. “Within four months, Eddie and the Eat was born.”

Eddie and the Eat’s drummer, Taylor Barringer, said the group has many influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Dashboard Confessional, all the way to blue grass. All these different musical elements have shaped the group’s playful, yet heartfelt song writing.

Although, the band prides itself on their high power performances, they decided to take a different approach for the Yellow City Sounds show.

“Our bar and club shows are usually very high energy ‘Rock & Roll’ type shows, but tonight we’re going to be a little more toned down and controlled for our performance. We’re going to experiment more with dynamics,” said Esler.

The full house at YCS responded well to the band’s change of pace. This intimate setting showcased the group’s versatility and control, as well as its charming group chemistry.

This new approach may translate over to future projects from the band. Esler said the Eat may be back in the studio with a new album before the end of the year.

“Most of the content is already there. We’re just going to let it stew for a little bit,” Esler said.

Mike Fuller, FM90 program director and coordinator of YCS said the Eat was a fantastic opener to the Yellow City Sounds 2017 season, with more great acts to come.

“My goal is to have a mix of local and out-of-town artists, and Eddie and the Eat is one of the best acts around town,” Fuller said

Fuller also mentioned that the crew for YCS is completely volunteer based.

“Every member of PPBS does something. All volunteers are welcome,” he said.

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