Let’s end the greediness and spread the giving


As Thanksgiving approaches, giving to those who are less fortunate and expressing our gratitude for what we have crosses our minds…or does it?

In this period known as the season of giving, it is more common that students are donating to the food pantry for extra credit, not because they feel like giving to the less fortunate. Many of us have become consumed with gall, greed and grotesque selfishness.

Instead of stepping back and realizing how grateful we ought to be, we are obsessed with what we lack, and allow bitterness and ungratefulness to fill our hearts.

We, The Ranger staff, are here to reopen your eyes to the meaning of giving back and to help you fight against the greed that is creeping in and taking control.

Thanksgiving is the prime time to volunteer at the food bank, animal shelter, Snack Pak 4 Kids, Amarillo helping hearts, etc. to give back to your community. Instead of sitting at home online shopping, or getting into Facebook arguments about the election, your time would be much better served giving back.

Recently the world has become enveloped in hate, violence and division.

The presidential election has sparked far too many hateful comments and has divided the country. We are all focused on advocating for our side, instead of forming a sense of unity.

It is vital to stand up and fight for what you believe in—but, instead of sharing your beliefs through social media, share your time, money and energy to help others and make the world a better place. This season is the perfect time to take action and to not be complacent in advocating for your beliefs and rights. Fight for your values and community, but do so with love and desire for positive change in your heart.

We urge you to be the ones who step away from the hate and violence swirling around in our environment and to make a positive impact. Use this time to give back, spread love, ignite unity, and encourage others to follow your lead.

Now is the time to make this world more at peace. Never stop fighting for what you have faith in, but fight in a way that is a progressive influence in our world and environment.

Reach out to others and help them feel a little less alone in this trying time. We are all desiring peace and strength, so reach out and be the change, not the problem.

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