Palace or perish: support the coffee shop

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Coffee is a close second to oxygen for most college students, resulting in frequent complaints that leaving campus to obtain the beloved stimulant can lead to losing parking places and other inconveniences.

Fret no more, Palace Coffee Company will be opening a coffee shop located in the cub of Amarillo College’s Washington campus in fall of 2017.

On Oct. 25, AC’s board of regents voted for Palace Coffee Co. to take residence on campus to sell their brew to the coffee-crazed masses. This is the first time AC will ever house a coffee shop.

The college has only previously had a coffee cart for a short amount of time that closed due to lack of support.

If it is not already evident, the news of a campus coffee shop brewing is substantial. It is vital that AC students and employees make a point of supporting this local coffee shop, or it too will close.

AC’s board of regents agreeing to have a campus coffee shop represents them listening to students’ wishes and taking them into consideration. This speaks volumes.

Not only are students and employees getting their caffeine fix, but huge strides are being made that reveal the power of voicing one’s opinion.

The regents are proving through this addition that they are interested in meeting students’ needs, but it is vital that students take action and voice their desires—the regents, although powerful, are not telepathic.

As students, it is our duty to show our appreciation of the regents for listening to and enacting our demands by supporting the coffee shop. If the shop is unable to make ends meet, it will not last.

The cafeteria closed due to lack of support, and now the Chic-fil-a truck is lacking substantial business.

We, The Ranger staff, implore you to show Palace Coffee Co. your love and support by regularly satisfying your caffeine cravings by purchasing lattes, black coffee, cold brews, and anything your caffeine-addicted body desires.

It is crucial that students and employees support Palace, because without regular support, it too will be forced to close.

So, go ahead, give in to your coffee obsession and support Palace Coffee Co. Show the regents your gratitude by utilizing the coffee shop you asked for.

It is critical that students and employees show Palace Coffee Co. support, or it too will meet the same fate as the cafeteria.

Do not let your voice be diminished, show your support and appreciation.

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