Legal Society panel on domestic violence

Photo by Ramona Salgado.

By RAMONA SALGADO, Ranger Reporter:

On October 26, AC held a free informational event discussing how to get help if you find yourself in a domestic violence situation. The event was held at the Downtown Campus.

Opening the night, a special guest spoke to the audience about her personal experience with domestic violence. The very emotional speaker talked of the importance of getting out of domestic violence situations, and how her personal decision to do so has bettered the lives of her and her children. She also discussed her struggle to make the first move and get help.

Afterwards, a panel of local community advocates gave information on emergency placement homes and counseling for victims. The panel also included attorneys who gave information on how to receive legal help concerning domestic violence. A Hispanic community advocate also participated in the panel and gave statistics on violence and how a language barrier often keeps someone from filing reports.

The panel answered questions from the audience and live tweets, giving everyone the opportunity to engage in discussion. The audience was reminded that domestic violence does not discriminate from sex, race, or economic status. Panel members said domestic violence is an ugly situation and that speaking out against it is important. There is no shame in asking for help to stop the crime.

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  1. More stuff has to be done with emotional abuse. going through it right now as we speak. when someone thinks they can control the way you do stuff or think or you talk to is ridiculous. to trace your every move you and your kids do or to tell lies and spread rumors about you that is not true. calls the cops on you for no reason just because they feel like it. tells everyone that I should be ashamed of looking so ugly and nasty for my kids to look at! Taunts me and my kids and calls me names and threatens and try to scare us! No one has a right to hurt anyone emotional ways at all! This is part of my testimony. Emotional abuse on single mothers is more than anyone at all. The worst thing people that abuse a person doesn’t understand that they hurt others feelings and cuts deeps down inside!

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