Bow tie breakdown

Bow Tie Breakdown is a forum for Amarillo College President Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart to connect with readers of The Ranger. Each edition, he sits down with The Ranger to give insight on what’s happening at AC. It’s a deeper, more exclusive look into the mind of the man behind the bow tie.

Here’s Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart’s viewpoint on the importance of the arts (media, theater, music, fine and visual arts) at AC and his personal opinion on their importance in our culture.

“The arts have changed my own personal life. They’ve changed the lives of my children, who are highly involved in their artistic endeavors, be it music, or theater or art.”

“I have a son who is a professional actor. I have a 14-year-old who plays basketball, and that’s all he thinks about, but he also plays oboe. I also have a daughter who eats, drinks and sleeps theater and musical theater.”

“My family is defined by the arts. My own personal journey has been defined by music and theater. I found my confidence and my voice through those endeavors, and I want our students to have the same experience.”

“The arts at Amarillo College are really important, and we need to broaden students’ scope and influence. Right now a lot of our artistic opportunities for students are really limited to students who have a professional interest or major interest in the field.”

“I would like for us to have a theater club and a community choir for students. With those you can engage in those artistic endeavors and build community around them, but not necessarily see that as your professional endeavor.”

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