Chick-fil-A announced at board of regents

“Starting Nov. 1, Chick-fil-A will be on the Washington Street Campus four days a week,” said Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, president of Amarillo College, during the board or regents meeting Tuesday on the Hinkson Memorial Campus in Hereford. “We’re really excited about including them in our service to our students.” According to the Chick-fil-A manager on Georgia Street, Joshua Raef, the restaurant will be able to sell its goods Monday through Thursday during lunchtime. AC students and faculty will have access to a limited menu food cart stationed in the College Union Building. The Georgia Street Chick-fil-A ownership will be responsible for providing the food service to the campus.

Students and faculty should know that the food service being offered comes with an approximate 30 to 40 cent mark up and will not reflect the pricing seen in-store at the Georgia Street Chick-fil-A location. Additionally, the Chick-fil-A ownership will seek to hire AC students to run and operate the food cart. The board also discussed and approved a modification plan for the elevator in the engineering building.

The elevator, which serves both the engineering and Durrett Hall facilities, is used heavily and will receive modifications and updates costing about $66,000. The project is not expected to interfere with daily operations, because it is scheduled to be done during the Christmas break.

Bruce Cotgreave, physical plant director, said the modification will consist of the replacement of “the electrical components of it … and door functions will be replaced.” The modification is a proactive approach to servicing an older model elevator to reduce risk of breakdown and ensure its serviceability, Cotgreave said. Other topics discussed and approved by the board were the voluntary retirement incentive plan for 2015, the use of Title V Developmental Education Grant funds and appointments and budget amendments. The meeting was open to the public for discussion during the status update portion of the event when attendees had an opportunity to speak.

Daniel Esquivel, executive director of the Hinkson Memorial Campus, provided a fall 2015 update in which he said the Hereford campus is servicing a total of 504 students, including 88 ESL students, 21 GED students and 112 dual credit students from Hereford High School.The Hereford campus recently graduated six students from its truck driving academy, bringing the total to 56 graduates of the academy since February 2014.

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