Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Spice: Is it nice?
You are in luck if you find yourself with a void that only pumpkin spice can fill. From drinks to fettuccini, pumpkin spice dominates this fall as the trendy flavor for all. Whether you find pumpkin spice products to be something you anxiously anticipate each fall or reel with disgust at the thought, there is no question that the pumpkin spice possibilities are endless. Starbucks’ trademark Pumpkin Spice latte has quite a following, cultivating its own Twitter account so you can keep up to date on the exact time the drink that is liquefied fall makes its long-awaited return. Why are Americans suddenly so obsessed with the flavor of pumpkin? Or rather, why are we fixated on a taste sensation reminiscent of artificial pumpkin and potpourri? For some reason, retailers have decided that pumpkin spice is the most marketable gimmick of the autumn season. This fall, there are at least 100 pumpkin spice products adorning store shelves. Still not satisfied? Tried amusing yourself with some online quizzes that tempt readers to guess whether pumpkin spice products are real or fake. Regrettably, most of the more ridiculous products are real. Pumpkin spice beer, dog treats, Pop-Tarts, Oreos, potato chips and hummus all are vying for a piece of the (no pun intended) pie. Speaking of pie – remember when that used to be the pumpkin product that dominated the fall season – now it is a thing of the past … pumpkin past. Here’s a novel and life-altering idea: that the oh-so-coveted and long-awaited Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte would contain…REAL PUMPKIN. What? Now that is just insanity. Real pumpkin in a beverage that has been claiming to have pumpkin in the title.

Pumpkin spice assorted items.
Pumpkin spice assorted items.

Disturbing or exciting? You decide.You know what’s next? Peppermint season. That is right, folks; Christmas season is approaching (or, if you ask Hobby Lobby, it already is here.) Soon the shelves will be stocked to the brim with every peppermint or vaguely peppermint-resembling product that can be thought of. What’s next: a pine tree latte? If you ask us, that could be achieved through dunking a pine scented car air freshener in your beverage. Certainly that would be just as natural as the taste of most of the chemical concoctions called pumpkin that consumers crave.A little of a good thing goes a long way but, if you ask us, there is a line… a line that pumpkin spice has crossed – in fact, a line that pumpkin spice has obliterated. Enough is enough, people. Maybe reading this has you grabbing your keys and heading out for some good old artificial pumpkin spice flavor, or maybe you’re right along with us; who is ready for peppermint season? We sure are. Move aside, pumpkin spice, there’s a new flavor in town.

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