AC launches career information website for students

Amarillo College has started a new website to help students get started and find a career based on the hottest positions available while also giving them much-needed information about the job and experience related to their degree. The website,, is designed with students specifically in mind, letting them choose whether to start from scratch and search for degree plans or to search for a career by typing in keywords related to the position. A direct link to the website can be found on the AC home page, allowing students to easily access the Start Here Careers site. Once a student searches for a career, it will list the most popular positions in the area followed by their individual salaries and how many positions are located nearby. “I think it really helps students because it helps them browse careers in demand and helps them see what to expect from it salary-wise,” said Amanda Beckford, a Career Center specialist. “It’s also cool because it has connection to the My Plan website.” The My Plan website helps students all over the country choose which path is right for them using the interests and skills they provide. Some AC students say the new website will be beneficial to students who are in doubt of what career to choose. The website was made for students whether they’re already in a program or haven’t decided yet. “This sounds like a great idea,” said Hunter Flory, a general studies major. “Whenever I do decide to change my major, it sounds like I can easily use that.” The website uses the two main search bars to make it accessible to anyone. All the student needs is know which field they’re most interested in, and the site searches topics relating that subject “I would use it, and I’d recommend everyone in my club use it, too,” said Adam Hernandez, a psychology major and president of Because We Can, an AC club for the impaired. “It’s really cool to have everything in one place since I’m visually impaired,” Hernandez said. “I don’t need to search for the information.” Beckford said one of the easiest ways to get started using the new website is to come directly to the Career and Employment Services Center in the Student Service Center on the Washington Street campus. Employees at the center can guide students through the process.

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