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Christie Rankin News Editor
Christie Rankin News Editor
Christie Rankin
News Editor

I started working for The Ranger my first semester at Amarillo College when I just moved to Amarillo and didn’t know anyone. Honestly, I walked in with Jill Gibson, my introduction to mass media assistant professor, and was overwhelmed.

If you know anyone on the paper you know each person has a strong personality, and if you know all of them, you know they all have very different personalities.

Now we are in our last few weeks of school and I am sad knowing that Ranger family I have grown to love is about to change.

From the ups and downs, working all-nighters, and dancing to Whitney Houston, I know that these were the people that were there for me this year.

Instead of saying goodbye to those leaving the paper, I am saying, “We had a good time and you taught me a lot.”

We all went through a lot this semester and I know it would have been harder without each person holding me up and carrying me through everything.

While we laughed and made jokes, we still always managed to get what was needed done.

I mean, you get the paper every other Thursday, don’t you?

So as I prepare for another year at AC with others who still will be here, I know it will be different. I also know that everything I have learned over the course of the semester from my time with this paper will stay with me while I pursue my ambitions.

I have learned that the people to trust are the people who are dependable and follow through. Those people taught me that you have to be who you are and not what people want you to be and that being compassionate will go a long way. I learned that the people you least expected when you first met them would become some of the most reliable of the people you know. Those people have taught me about themselves and about putting anything on hold to help someone.

I learned about the person I want to be.

Each person here taught me about what I want for my life and that one day, if I work hard enough, I can get it.

I know The Ranger will continue, but this first semester will stay with me as I continue to pursue my dreams at AC and anywhere else they will take me.

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