Don’t give up on your dreams

Sarah Connell

The interview didn’t go as well as expected. In fact, it was the worst one yet.

The expensive penny loafers bought just for the job now feel heavier than they did in the store.

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Sarah Connell

This was supposed to be it. The job that would fix everything and make working every other awful job worth it. Nonetheless, it’s done.

As you call your best friend before the tears come, she answers on the first ring.

Before telling her anything, she and a couple of other friends already are on their way to help.

Coming home defeated, tears that were held start to spill at the sight of your best friends in your old, rundown apartment.

Chocolate cake. Ice cream. The Breakfast Club already is on the TV as the horrible day drifts away.

Settling down in the sofa while hearing the soft hums of your best friend quoting each line puts you at ease. The interview may have closed one door, but that doesn’t mean another door cannot open. And maybe it was meant to be shut for a reason.

Whether it is a rough interview or getting fired, everyone goes through hard times.

It’s nothing to be ashamed about. It just means there is something greater out there waiting for you to discover.

No matter what happens in life, always aspire to do more and never settle for less.

One day, the interview of a lifetime will fall into your lap at the right time.

And this one won’t be like any other. It’s the job that only dreams are made of, and nothing and no one is standing in the way of getting it.

A dream job is something not all can have. Most give up and settle for something way less.

In college, we are supposed to know immediately what we want to do and then go out and get the experience and skills to do said thing. People love to give their advice, telling kids their regrets and stories. Always listen, but don’t be a fool.

Start easy and decide on something that you would actually love to do every day, and then go from there. Change majors, move towns, do what you have to do in order to be happy.

To have a dream is like having a kid. The idea is born, nurtured, and it is kind of expensive.

But once it is all grown up and smiling back, realization hits: If those doors hadn’t closed, this one would not have opened. And what would life be like then?

The pursuit of happiness is something we all should strive to do.

Creating a dream is a given, but to pursue that dream can only be done by you, so dream hard. Dream something that will question everything, something that won’t be achieved on the first try.

Overall, do something that your soul wants to do. Not the mind — sometimes it’s wrong. Not the heart ­— sometime it lies.

But the soul always is pure and true.

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