YouTube channel review: The Know

From left: Ashley Jenkins and Meg Turney.

Attention, all YouTube nerds!

It’s time again for another review that will blow your mind.

Monty Oum

However, this week we want to take a moment and let all those that did not know that RoosterTeeth’s one and only Monty Oum passed away at the age of 33.

Monty was hospitalized, and while undergoing surgery, he contracted an allergic reaction that placed him in a coma, from which he did not recover. Anyone who knew Monty or even just his entertainment he provided for YouTube watchers to see will agree with me that the world lost an amazing entertainer.

On a brighter note, this week’s spotlight shines on RoosterTeeth.

Yes, they have many shows, and this one review will not cover them all. We are going to direct even more attention to The Know.

The Know is a great source for gaming, technology and even random news.

Almost daily, The Know presents the YouTube world with information that is pertinent to the world, whether it is that World of Warcraft just came out with a new expansion pack or that Nike is attempting to come up with the famous self-tying shoes featured in “Back To The Future.”

RoosterTeeth started The Know after going to PAX in Seattle, obtaining a ton of news, type stories and posting them to the channel almost live.

The reaction in the YouTube world was almost overwhelming. Rooster Teeth then decided that maybe it would be a benefit to start a news-type channel to provide the latest in gaming news to the world.

The Know has a strong subscriber base of 420,000 subscribers and growing daily, and with more than a thousand videos currently posted and more than 50 million views, its primary job of getting the latest and greatest news to viewers is being accomplished.

As most know RoosterTeeth is not a small channel.

From left: Ashley Jenkins and Meg Turney.
From left: Ashley Jenkins and Meg Turney.

With more than 8 million subscribers to its primary channel and six sister channels, creating a news channel would be a great way to promote not only the other channels but to promote companies that could potentially bring in more revenue for the company itself and provide more information to its viewers.

The Know is hosted by the lovely, Meg Turney and Ashley Jenkins.

Between these two ladies, all the information you will need to know is just a click away.

Make sure you check out The Know and know what they know by staying in The Know.
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