College costs: Reasonable or not?

Cody Mcgehee | The Ranger Students receive help with math problems in the Math Outreach Center. Whether it’s an appointment or a walk-in, tutors are available to assist students.

The price of tuition is something every student will have to deal with when they enroll in an institution of higher education.

While Amarillo College students have varying opinions on tuition and books, many provided positive feedback about the cost of their schooling.

“AC provides a quality education for the price,” said Tabitha Proffit, a nursing major.

Proffit said she paid $800 for tuition and $500 for books for spring. Her parents pay for her to go to school and she said they agree that the cost of AC is reasonable when compared to other local institutions, like West Texas A&M University in Canyon.

Psychology major Kyle Perez said that his tuition was $1,390 for this semester. Financial aid paid for his tuition and he paid for his books, he said, which were about $300.

He was concerned about one of the books he had to buy. The book he needed in the AC Bookstore was locally based with good information, he said, but he could get a book very similar for about $30 less elsewhere.

Xenzell Johnson, a physical therapy major, said he paid $584 in tuition and $400 for books and felt that it was reasonable but it depends on the class.

Johnson is currently participating in an academic program funded by Ace Hardware. The program requires Johnson to keep a high GPA, and in return Ace Hardware assists him with financial aid.

Some say school can be difficult as young adults. Rhonda Holden agrees, but said she handles it well.

Rhonda is pursuing a degree of science so that she can transfer onward to a university to become a marine biologist.

Rhonda said that she honestly did not know how much her tuition was this semester mostly because financial aid paid for it. She paid $400 for books, which she felt was reasonable, a thought shared with Perez and Proffit.

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