SGA appoints new members, builds friendships and resumes

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The Amarillo College Student Government Association had its annual election Sept. 15-16 and welcomed new members into the organization.

The students in SGA said they learn how to build strong leadership skills, it looks great on any college resume and it is a great path to take for people who want to get more involved in school.

Welding technology major and parliamentarian Trevor Brown talked about the many opportunities SGA has offered him.

“I honestly don’t think I would have had friends or been this active with everything going on here at AC if it wasn’t for this organization,” he said.

Brown has been with the SGA for four years now and said he loves every moment.

SGA activities at AC also can benefit the community. Members conduct several fund-raisers throughout the school year to be able to provide for AC and the organization.

Joining the SGA is simple. At noon each Wednesday, the SGA meets in room 208 of the College Union Building. Students considering joining the organization must attend at least three meetings in a row, have a 2.0 or higher GPA and be enrolled in at least six hours at AC.

New members are put on the voting list, and students get to decide who is elected. Students who don’t get enough votes won’t be kicked out but won’t be allowed to participate in activities, either, including travel with the group. Once voted in, students will not have to reapply in the spring; it’s a year-long membership.

Most important, members said, it’s a chance to make friends, not just school friends, but friends who will last a lifetime.

“If it wasn’t for the people, there wouldn’t be any heart in it,” said music major and representation chairman Seth Brogdon.



Student Government Association elections were held Sept. 15 and 16. Here are the newly elected representatives for 2014-15:

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