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Hours was released December 13, 2013, nearly a month after the tragic death of Paul Walker. Many fans know him from the iconic The Fast and the Furious saga.

Aside from his undercover street-racer persona, Walker played gripping roles in the incredibly underrated suspense thrillers such as Joy Ride and Running Scared.

His starring role in Hours is among the talented works of others in his past.

In both Joy Ride and Running Scared, Walker winds up in intense scenarios, but at the character’s fault.

The character in Joy Ride unknowingly taunts a murderous truck driver and is chased down ruthlessly.

In Running Scared, Walker plays the part of a mobster trying to survive.

The character played by Walker in Hours is unlike roles he has played in the past, where he instigated the inciting drama of the story.

Hours is set in New Orleans during the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina of 2005. Walker plays Nolan Hayes. He and his pregnant wife, Abigail, played by Genesis Rodriguez, rush to the hospital.

His wife is giving birth to their baby five weeks early.

After Abigail dies, he is left to care for his newborn daughter, who rests in a ventilation box and is fed by an IV drip.

The disaster of Hurricane Katrina hits the hospital, and Hayes is left to fight for his daughter’s life a couple of minutes at a time.

Walker carries the starring role in the film.

He keeps the production together with compelling action and vivid emotion.

It is quite satisfying to see one of Walker’s last movies be well executed, entertaining and above all, of extreme acting quality.

I recommend this film to people who enjoy suspense dramas and find interest in the films of Paul Walker.

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