DONATE: Bloodmobile on campus Monday and Tuesday

The Coffee Memorial Bloodmobile will be accepting donations at the Clock Tower on the Washington Street Campus today until 3 p.m. and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center provides blood products and transfusion to patients in dire need of blood. These are actions that can save many lives and something that connects people who have never met.

The center, located at 7500 Wallace Boulevard, was founded on Dec. 23, 1949, and drew the first unit of blood on Feb. 8, 1950. Once called the Potter County Memorial Blood Center, the name changed just five years after being founded due to an expansion of services to the whole Panhandle.

Patricia Ramirez, a social work major, said she has donated blood in the past.

“It was very fast, they offered me a drink and some crackers because I was getting light headed,” Ramirez said.

One problem blood center workers experience is that people can get squeamish when donating.

“I’ve had a bad a bad experience when it comes to needles; I get bruises,” said Cristine Bentley, math testing supervisor.

Blood center workers say those that can donate still should, if they can deal with the squeamishness. Since blood cannot be made there’s always a need for donations.

People with an O-negative blood type are considered the most unusual donor, because it has the ability to be used with any blood type. The most common blood type needed is O positive.

To be able to give blood an individual must be 17 years old, weight 115 pounds, and cannot be on any antibiotics.

All eligible donors will receive a free t-shirt.

For more information about The Coffee Memorial Blood Center contact them at (806)- 358-4563 or on their website

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