As finals stress hits again, preparation key

By Shelby Koontz

Ranger Reporter


As the semester comes to a close and finals approach, some Amarillo College students are in strict panic mode.

Not only is the semester ending, but students also are preparing for what some call the most stressful tests of the year. Many new students at AC are asking the same questions. Experienced students that have already come in contact with finals week said they are just as stressed as the new comers.

All questions circle back to the common subject:

How can they prepare for finals week?

Lamara Keys, a respiratory therapy major, talked about her finals she has taken in the past. “Eat, pray, and study,” is the best advice she could give students.

Some students said they are going to eat a healthy meal before taking the test. They also said rest is important.

“Eating a healthy meal before the day of the final is really important to me. I also can’t forget that between reviewing all my notes and eating I have to sleep somewhere in there, too,” said Andrew Alexander, a general studies major.

Sarcasm and humor seemed to be a part of students’ responses when asked what their plans are to prepare for finals.

Keytan Callery, a biology major, responded very quickly when asked the question.“I will lock myself in my room all week and study my brains out, focusing on the subject,” Callery said. “Oh yeah, and getting good sleep.”

As the hectic week approaches, students are encouraged to eat a healthy meal the night before the exam and a good breakfast the day of the exam. Advisers said students should also be aware that sleep is very important when it comes to taking their finals.

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