REVIEW: ‘Halloween’ is a classic

By Quintin Marquez

Video Reporter


Halloween is the original thriller horror film. It comes from the mind of John Carpenter and started a whole genre of scary movies.

All the major players in the serial killer business, including Jason, Freddy, Ghost-face and Jigsaw, have to show respect to Michael Myers for making suspense an addiction. Michael Myers and his weapon of choice, the common kitchen knife, have been slicing up teenagers since 1978, and he hasn’t spoken a word of it.

Halloween has seven sequels and has been remade recently by Rob Zombie, but the original film is the best. At a time when they didn’t have computer-generated effects, Carpenter found interesting ways to make the audience jump out of their seats and always look behind them in a dark room.

This film not only introduced us to Michael but also helped actor Jaime Lee Curtis claim the title of “Scream Queen.” There have been many movies, including Scream, that have paid tribute to the cult classic. The Michael Myers mask is one of the most iconic faces in the country, and even though he looks a lot like William Shatner, his face stands for pure evil.

If you haven’t seen Halloween, go get a friend, grab some popcorn and try not to scream.

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