OPINION: Dress to impress yourself, not others


By Shelby Koontz

Ranger Reporter


We’ve all had those days. You know, those days where all you want to do is roll out of bed, throw a hoodie on, slip on some houseshoes and walk out the door with your backpack and a cup of coffee in hand.

We’re college students, for Christ’s sake. But do we like doing this? Depends on the person.

I myself am not a huge fan. I read a few days back that people who make themselves get up earlier in the morning and dress up are more prone to better grades and having more optimistic views on their day.

Statistics show that 41 percent of people who are willing to make an effort concerning the way they dress tend to have better grades.

“Dressing for success” is what most of us are used to hearing. I believe that as an individual, the way we dress speaks for our self-confidence. If we don’t care how we look or feel in the morning, are we going to care about how we feel in class? Are we going to want to pay attention?

I always tell my friends that I try to look my best every day. I look at each day as an interview with those around me. I try to look my best every day because it makes me feel good about myself as a person, and if I feel good about myself, I’m not going to want anything to upset my day.

This is where better grades come from. If you’re not wanting anything to upset you or ruin your day, you are going to try your hardest to keep that day going – even if that means cramming for a test or doing that extra credit you’ve needed.

Now, I understand that it takes a lot for a person who is used to waking up 40 minutes before class starts, but trust me, it is completely worth it.

It takes a lot of getting used to. Believe me, I was one of those people who used to panic in the morning because I found out I was going to be late for class.

Soon after that, I was tired of my everyday morning routine. I was tired, less motivated, and I honestly did not care about my day at all.

I’m still a new student at AC, but after a few missed classes and a few assignments not turned in, I found out that this was the best way for me to begin my day.

Try it.

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