BLOG: Gobs and gobs of gluten

This is a shout-out to all my Amarilloans who, like me, are the one out of 133 Americans that are confined to a gluten-free diet. In other words, if you can gorge yourself with oozing pasta, sizzling chicken fried steak, oven-roasted garlic bread, golden, rich pancakes or moist, lavishing cakes, then eat some for the both of us and ignore what I have to say.


That was the first thought that crossed my mind three weeks ago when I first embarked on my eternal gluten-free journey. Week one felt like an uphill hike in five-inch Prada stilettos. Not an impossible feat, but one that leaves a body crippled and famished. I 99.9% sure I ate more fruit and vegetables that week than I normally do in a year.

As week two progressed, I tippy-toed into the deep end and sampled various gluten-free cookies and bread. I am still not positive all of it was actually edible.

Thankfully, today, I find myself more confident in my eating habits, except for one massive issue: eating out. If only my friends understood the true agony of watching them dive into mounds of gluten-filled entrées while I pathetically munch on lettuce.

A quick Google search will produce about 20 local gluten-free friendly restaurants. However, a couple of those restaurants have served me meals that were not entirely filling or appetizing. So, below I have compiled a quick guide with 10 local establishments that I recommend for the one percent of the population in search of a tasteful, gluten-free cuisine. Enjoy!

Note: If you know of more gluten-free friendly places around town, please let me know (I am desperate)!

McAlister’s Deli

8605 W 34th Ave

Amarillo, Tx 79119


575 Pizzeria

2803 Civic Circle

Amarillo, Tx 79109


Red Robin

8720 W Interstate 40

Amarillo, Tx 79124


Chop Chop Japanese Steakhouse

3300 S Coulter St #1

Amarillo, Tx 79106



3501 W 45th Ave

Amarillo, Tx 79109



7701 W Interstate 40 Suite 132


2525 S Georgia St


4510 S Coulter St


Johnny Carino’s

8400 W Interstate 40

Amarillo, Tx 79106


Jason’s Deli

7406 W 34th Ave

Amarillo, Tx 79121


The Potato Factory

114 SW 6th Ave


2808 W 34th Ave


Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

7306 SW 34th Ave

Amarillo, Tx 79121


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