EDITORIAL: All for love of a puff of smoke

Illustration by KAYLIE FOSTER
Illustration by KAYLIE FOSTER
Illustration by KAYLIE FOSTER

The legalization of marijuana is a touchy subject for many people. As one of the many controversial subjects we face today, there are many ways to look at it.

Why would we legalize marijuana? Is it just because so many people commit the crime of buying and selling that it has become a normal pastime?

It is much more than that. Some argue that marijuana is harmful to the body and that is why it should be illegal, but if we were going to outlaw everything that possibly could harm us, then we wouldn’t be able to have sodas, tobacco or sugar.

According to drugbase.com, “Marijuana use impairs a person’s ability to form new memories and to shift focus.”

That is a terrible reality as it leads to short-term memory loss, and it is something that should be considered before use.

But as citizens of the great free country we live in, shouldn’t we have the choice to use it if we want to? Basically, it comes down to a personal choice.

Any type of drug use can lead to addiction. It can drain your bank account, and it can interrupt your personal life and relationships. It is something to look at seriously.

But there are many good things that could come from marijuana being legalized.

The FDA would have to screen it before it could be sold, meaning the chance of marijuana being laced with harmful chemicals and drugs would be eliminated.

Also, legalization of marijuana could help our economy since it would be taxed.

Besides all that, shouldn’t we be focusing on things that are more important than this issue? Isn’t there a war going on right now?

The fact of the matter is that smoking marijuana now is wrong.

It is illegal, and we are not endorsing illegal drug use.

The subject should be carefully looked at, however, and the people should be able to choose whether they want marijuana legalized.

That is what the United States is all about.

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