OPINION: Carnivore’s guide to the vegan galaxy

DAVID MONTEZ Ranger Reporter
Ranger Reporter

Omnivores and carnivores alike can enjoy many options at any diner that they choose. For a vegan, however, three or fewer options are the bleak reality.

A vegan, in short, is an individual who chooses to refrain from eating and/or wearing any animal byproducts, and in some extreme cases it includes eating only raw vegetables. Basically, to this carnivore, it translates into no meat, no dairy and no fun.

Date night with a vegan usually involves dining in or going to the same restaurant and ordering the “usual,” which typically consists of vegetables and/or tofu.

There are some perks to being vegan, such as the lower cost of food since dining options are so limited. Vegans often are healthier because of their food choices; it is hard to go wrong with veggies and rice. Food preparation usually is easy because you can eat your meals raw if you want to.

“Meat carcass” is the way my girlfriend lovingly refers to my foods of choice in hopes of turning me from my “wicked” ways. She chooses to be vegan due to conflicting health issues. She raises a good point when asked about her food choice. Torture and animal cruelty are common when it comes to meat cultivation, so one should be aware of how their meats are prepared.

Since I’m not a vegan, our dissimilar food choices sometimes can cause relationship clashes. Eating out can be especially difficult. To keep both sides of the meat and vegan spectrum happy, we usually order take-out from two restaurants and then eat it together. There are times when she simply cannot cope with my need to eat something that once was alive. She finds it repulsive and sees me as a horrid velociraptor tearing into my freshly caught prey.

Overall, having a significant other with such defined differences makes it easier to coexist. One would think it would be more difficult, but I find that since she is so transparent about her dietary needs, I can put more feeling into what I prepare for her.

Since I have been with her, I have noticed that I put more thought into what I eat and which food products I buy for each of us. I check every item with an eagle’s eye to ensure that it is vegan before purchasing food for her, because I care for her.

As in any relationship, we try to look past our differences to reach a healthy compromise in order to function more cohesively.

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