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Music seems to be important in many college students’ lives. Whether it’s to help them concentrate or relax before a big test or it’s just there while hanging out with a group of friends, music almost always is in the background.
But what kind of music are AC students listening to? Joanna Baland, an office administration major, said her favorite genre is alternative because it’s not mainstream music. Baland said her favorite album is 14 Shades of Gray by the band Staind.
“My favorite genre is reggae because it’s relaxing and positive,” said Cori Adams, a nursing major. Adams said music helps her feel better when she’s down. “Music is very important to me, because I can relate to it,” she said.
Favorite song: “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley
Elizabeth Smith, a business administration major, said her favorite genre is rock.
Favorite song: “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi
Shelby Janssen, a criminal justice major, said her favorite genre is Christian rock because of its upbeat, positive style. “I like most music from all ages,” Janssen said. “I listen to everything from classical to metal, both new and old.”
Favorite song: “Try” by Pink.
Katlin Bates, an occupational therapy major, said her favorite genre is rock. Bates said music is important because there’s a song to describe everything you’re going through. Some students listen to the music because of the beat; others like the lyrics. Bates said when looking for new music, she puts both into consideration.
Favorite song: “Hotel California” by the Eagles.
Some students use music to help them study, while others just listen to it for fun.
“Music helps me study for a test,” Adams said. “Sometimes, to help me remember the material, I make it into a song.”
Janssen and Bates agree that music helps them study.
“It blocks out all my distractions,” Bates said.
Not all students find it useful for studying, however,.
I think music can be distracting, so I just study in silence most of the time,” Baland said.
While students listen to different types of music and use it for different purposes, there still is one common factor: the music almost always is there.

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