Editorial: Malfunctions make for a comedic experience in Parcells Hall

Staff Editorial

Illustration by Stephanie Perez

Welcome to the carnival that is Parcells Hall at Amarillo College, home of The Ranger, FM90 and the world’s heaviest doors.

Parcells Hall might be more commonly known as the media building. Students who aspire to be future journalists, TV station directors, news anchors or even those who just have curiosity about the mass media often find themselves in this building.

This semester, some students have found that the building not only serves as a center for learning but also one that might seem a giant practical joke.

From heavy doors to an elevator that works … when it wants to – some might find that this place is full of surprises.

For those gentlemen out there who had plans of impressing that special girl in class by an act of chivalry, be sure you choose another building to open the door for her.

It’s almost amusing watching some people make the attempt at kindness to hold the door for another person, only to find out that the door is much more determined to do its job of staying shut. The harder you pull, the harder the Parcells doors seem to fight back.

Wouldn’t be a surprise to think that the construction workers who put the doors up probably gather across the street every morning with lawn chairs and giant bags of popcorn just to watch every student and faculty member struggle to enter the building.

Perhaps the college could make money off the idea. How does this sound? Step right up and be the first to open the world-famous, thousand-pound door! All who were able to accomplish the feat would be awarded by…(drumroll)…getting to class on time.

All kidding aside, the heavy doors sure beat the elevator freefall from the fourth floor that happens from time to time. Nope, that was a joke. The elevators have been known to act up at times, but fear not, students: Your life is in no immediate danger.

The malfunctions in Parcells Hall make for some funny and humorous moments.

Sometimes, stretching beforehand might be required to open the doors. The security buttons might just be a bluff, as allegedly, they don’t always work.

In any case, students can feel safe at AC knowing that if nothing else, maybe the frustrating equipment might brighten your day just a little.

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