Music Helps AC Students Learn

By Gregory White

Ranger Reporter

Many students and staff members at Amarillo College believe that listening to music seems to help them learn.

amarillo college student studying
Students say listening to music helps them study.

Julio Salzar, a graphic design major, said the music helps him stay more focused by “drowning out unnecessary noises”.

According to a research at Swiss University found that there is no relation between background music and verbal learning after an experimental study with 77 volunteers in 2010.

Salzar is not the only AC student that music helps keep them focused. Whisper Ledford, a graphic design major, said, “It helps me concentrate so I don’t have to pay attention to anything else.”

When Emily Gilbert, assistant library director, was studying in at SUNY-Geneseo in Geneseo, N.Y. and graduate school at the University of North Texas in Denton music helped her.

Gilbert said it has helped her get in the mindset and became “like a routine to turn on my classical music and then get everything set up to start studying.”

When it came to studying, Gilbert would specifically listen to classical music, rather than popular music like normal.

For some students it depends on the music that helps them, but for others it depends on the subject matter that they are studying.

According to Brandon Llanez, a graphic design major, said that if he listens to music while doing math he get distracted with all the numbers.

Although distraction occurs in math with music, it helps Llanez create while drawing.

In another research study by Bacon Jones and William-Schultz concluded that if students’ perceives a behavior to have a positive effect on their learning, they are likely to repeat that behavior.

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