United in Disaster

September 12, 2012

By Kendal Kuehler
Ranger Reporter

A historical day that should be remembered, a tragedy, a traumatic event for America, and a moment when the world stood still from the horror are the words from Amarillo College’s students that describe 9/11.

It has been 11 years now since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, but not all memories of the day are as clouded as the dust in New York City from the collapse of the towers. The towers collapsed but America’s unity grew from the disarray.

“That tragic event happened and all of us feel bad for those people. They’re Americans, we’re Americans, New Yorkers or Texans, it doesn’t make a difference,” said Doctor Farmer, Social Science Professor.

The recorded casualties for that day are 2,993 people (including hijackers) and 8,900 injures. Worldwide 9/11 holds the highest casualty rate for a terrorist attack in a single day according to Wm. Robert Johnston website.

Farmer thinks it is amazing, how almost everyone was virtually connected to somebody that they knew or were related someone that lost their life that day.

During a disaster the United States set their differences aside and band together to form a stronger unity.

“Common enemies make best friends,” said Ruth Lumpkin, an English major. Lumpkin pondered on the question of the unity of the nation and concluded that most of the time American citizens let their differences get in the way of the countries unity until a disaster.

America became very patriotic after 9/11 supporting the country and making it more unified. In the time of a disaster things change, but as time passes people’s lives go back to normal. A tragic event 9/11 was, but now people believe it is just another day in history book.

Lumpkin was in 3rd grade and doesn’t remember too much and Tremillo sees it as just another date when people became more alert and defensive.

Farmer explained that America becoming more unified on 9/11 as a “natural human emotion”. It is natural for people to see past the differences and unit together in disaster. Farmer also said, “It will be a day that will be remembered, every year, as long as America exist.”

As a nation people might not feel unified but Amarillo College’s unity is a different story.

“Yes, AC is unified, but it is also diverse too” said Lumpkin.

The diversity among AC campus does not halt the unity of the school. Amarillo College’s goal is to help students succeed.

“Everyone is unified toward making AC the best it can be,” said Farmer.

United we stand, more so in a disaster.

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