Fashion changes bring back retro trends

Spring style: photo courtesy of

April 11, 2012

By Jami Joiner| Ranger Opinion Editor

Spring style: photo courtesy of

Springtime is a renewal of sorts. Trees blossom, flowers bloom, birds sing and people clean.
It’s a time to dust off the drab of winter, not only in your house, but also in your closet.
Many people have specific wardrobes depending on the temperatures outside.
Sweaters and boots may be taking up all your limited space now, but it’s time to put those away and pull out the tees and tanks for warmer weather.
Every year, fashions change according to seasons. New ideas are swarming on canvases of young/ “fashionable” people on tons of fashion blogs.
It’s no lie that fashion repeats itself and luckily, we’ve passed (for the most part) the neon phase and moved on to more urban and unusual looks.
For guys and gals, the trends vary.
Here is a list of what to keep and possibly gain this season — and what to stay away from.

Get rid of the beanies. They are fine for winter and colder months, but once temperatures increase, it’s time to remove the knitting from the noggin. There’s nothing worse than seeing a dude in shorts, a short sleeve shirt and a beanie as a cake-topper.
Irony may be fueling fashion, but there are some things that just don’t make any sense.

Dresses, dresses, dresses.
Ladies, remember – K.I.C. – keep it classy. No one really wants to see your underwear, even though some may disagree. There’s more hotness in the pinky toe of a woman in a dress down to her knees with a wealth of confidence than in a girl wearing a dress up to her ass cheeks.
It’s all in how you carry yourself.

Men’s fashion almost resembles that of the 1890s these days. Which, in this case, is a good thing. The looks back then were simple and classic and included many of the same ideas we’ve seen over the past 12 decades.
Simple button downs, solid color pants, suspenders and sweater vests all are acceptable.

Tank tops – here’s where it gets sketchy.
There is a right way and a wrong way to wear a tank, ladies.
A ton of fashion blogs are accepting of the colored bra hanging out of the loose-fitting tank, which, if done correctly, can be a fashion forward. But there is a thin line that you want to be careful not to cross.
Don’t wear a tight, white tank top with your black bra straps hanging out.
That = tacky.
Some blogs and a website to keep in mind while searching for spring outfits are UrbanOutfitters.comindex.jsp>,, and

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