Spring break’s on the way

February 29, 2012

By Leticia Bodine | Ranger Reporter


With spring break right around the corner, Amarillo College students are deciding what they will do with their time off. Some students aren’t planning on going anywhere, while others will venture out into the unknown.

Brady Kremer, a business administration major, isn’t planning on going anywhere because he spent too much during the Christmas break on his travels to New York. “I’m just going to relax and hang out with friends a little bit more and take my time and enjoy it,” Kremer said.

Kelsey Watson, a nursing major, also said she is going to take her time and relax, not have to worry about school and spend time with her family.

Aaron Potts, a physics major, said he will drive to Denver to visit friends. “They have some really cool skate parks, so when I ‘m not busy doing school, I want to ride on my skateboard,” Potts said.

Some students may plan on traveling further for the break.

Catherine Lankford, a management instructor, said, “Anyone who wishes to travel over spring break, or any holiday for that matter, should book their travel well in advance in order to get the best airfare, be assured of a seat on the flight, a room in the hotel and tickets to an attraction or event.

“Remember, every college and university has spring break in March, and availability is limited.”

Www.travel.state.gov has information about the requirements and documents necessary to travel anywhere in the world and has safety alerts regarding different destinations.

With tuition and the cost of books, money can be tight for college students.

Debra Avara, an assistant professor of social science, said students can have fun at home with a movie or a Nintendo Wii party.

“You could drag out the old board games or a deck of cards and pretend you’re in 1980,” Avara said.

If there is going to be alcohol involved, party it up with a plan.

“Get a hotel close to the bar that will keep you out of trouble, because you can walk to the bar,” Potts said.

“That’s part of throwing caution to the wind.”

Alberto Guzman, a biology major, said if students are going to drink on spring break, they need to set a limit, “think about how much money you already have to spend and make sure you properly hydrate before you go party, and when you wake up, eat lots of protein, because it breaks down the alcohol.”

Kremer said community college students don’t get as hyped about spring break as university students.

“They generally have their work, family, and then school is just another aspect of their life,” he said. “Whereas at a university, school is more of a career for the student, so when they are getting a break, they are actually getting a break from their whole life.”

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