Spring break do’s and don’ts

Graphic by Andrea Godoy | The Ranger

February 29, 2012

By Miranda Parman| Ranger Reporter


Most college students have heard stories of girls so drunk on spring break that the bell hop at their hotel has to wheel them up to their rooms on the luggage carrier.

No one wants to be that person. Enjoying spring break doesn’t have to involve a trip to the hospital to get a stomach pump. Here’s how to have a spring break that’s awesome and not deadly.

1. Do: Have fun on the beach.

“Go out and do something active, and if you wear a bikini, don’t let your goods hang out,” said Stefanee Chevalier, a theater major.

Running around in sand and surf is a common choice for college students who choose to go abroad for their spring break vacation. It can be done with class. “If you’re going to be at the beach, wear a cute swimsuit, modern, but not all your goods hanging out,” said Ashley Ingram, an elementary education major.

Don’t: Go to South Padre Island. “Avoid Padre Island. Everyone I know who has gone down there has come back with alcohol poisoning or a tattoo,” said Aaron Reyes, a history major.

South Padre Island is notorious for tequila binges and girls popping out of their bikinis.

2. Do: Make the week count.

“It’s about enjoying yourself and the people you’re with; that’s what matters,” said Rachael Evans, a nursing major.

After spring break, college students often feel like the rest of the year needs to fly by.

Spring break is a time to kick back before the end-of-the-year rush gets started.

“I think you don’t have to go crazy on spring break, but you don’t have to spend it shut up,” Chevalier said.

That applies wherever spring break vacation may be going on. “Do have fun, that’s the biggest part,” Ingram said.

Don’t: create problems:

Alejandro Fernandez, a mechanical engineering major, said while somewhere with strangers, freedom can create feelings of no consequences. However, herpes comes home.

Drunkenness can cause feelings of no limitations, but there are traffic laws that can be expensive and may result in a jail stay if ignored. “Spend time inside, but not inside jail,” Chevalier said.

Mtv.com has an etiquette list for spring breakers which suggests that while drunk, do not call or text exes, current love interests or potential significant others.

Just like not driving drunk, don’t drunk dial. And there can be another layer of safety added to that advice. “Don’t get drunk around people you don’t know,” Ingram said.

3. Do: Enjoy the break if staying home.

Amarillo College has many students who have full-time jobs, children and significant others. When people stay home for spring break, it still can be enjoyable.

The 806 on Sixth Street will have live music every night of spring break.

A board game or Wii party could be planned to keep it cheap.

Don’t: Forget to look good while staying at home: Just like the kids on the beach are trying to do, “Dress up over spring break so you feel like you did something with your week,” Ingram said.

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