Opinion: Music trends 2012 are independent

February 21, 2012

Opinion by: Jami Joiner| Opinion Editor

Music is a form of expression. And college students are all about inspiration and self-expression. It’s uncommon to find a college student without an iPod or MP3 player as a part of their “stranded on a deserted island” survival kit.

These days, there are an uncountable number of music genres and styles that so many people are able to connect with. Living in Texas, country music has a strong hold over the masses, but here at Amarillo College, things play out a bit differently. College students in general are a diverse crowd, and even more diverse in their choice of music.

This spring, the popular trends in music are leaning towards underground/indie music (rock and pop) for most college age students, which seems to be the leading contender for the last few years.

Indie music, by definition, means independent music or independence from commercial record labels. And what describes a college student better than being independent? To slightly veer off track, to be authentic, to be original all are things that drive and inspire many college students to find their independence or place in the world.

Indie music has gone beyond just that and has somehow created a ridiculous amount of subgenres that fall under its vague category. With so many various subgenres, almost any artist can label themselves as an indie artist or band.

And with social networking sites and music blogs, these artists are able to quickly gain a following of fans. So, in a sense, indie, as original as it wants to be, is falling mainstream.

A few popular artists among AC students this semester are: Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Jay-Z, The Black Keys and Adele.

Alternative rock and rap/hip hop also rank up there as common genres among students.

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