Lectures on Amarillo’s History Given Today

Photo by Joshua Gosser

By Kaylin Kennedy

Amarillo College will host a pair of lectures in the Creative Mind series today. The first, given by a retired history professor Paul H. Carlson, will be over “William Henry Bush, the Frying Pan Ranch, and Early Amarillo”. The second lecture will be in the concert hall theater at 7:30 pm and will discuss “Georgia O’Keeffe in Amarillo and the Texas panhandle”. All lectures will be free and open to the public.

Paul H. Carlson has written 14 books along with essays, articles. In 2000 he was given the Outstanding Researcher award from the College of Arts and Sciences. He obtained his P.H.D from Texas Tech University before going on to teach there. The last book he had published was “Amarillo: The Story of a Western Town”.

These lectures are the opening of the Creative Mind series that has lectures in the spring. There will be two lectures every fall for five years focusing solely on the Amarillo area. The Creative Mind series has run at AC for over 30 years. These are usually held in the spring and have covered a vast number of topics that deal with anything creative. The point of the lectures is to teach people what they may not know about their own town.

“I’ve lived here almost 40 years,” said Judy Carter, Honors Program Coordinator and Professor Speech communication. “I don’t know about the deep heritage.”

Stanly and Wendy Marsh are funding the lectures. AC Honor students will be assisting with the event.

“Yes I’ve very excited with helping out the ushers” said Biana Mclaughlin, a general studies major.

Jeremy Hamby, engineering major, said he looks forward to the lectures.

“It will be Interesting to see the history behind Amarillo,” said Hamby.

Other topics the lectures may include are Amarillo’s railroad, ranching, and agricultural business, Resources such as oil and water and Economic drivers for Amarillo.

If anyone would like to know more about Paul Carson and the literature he wrote, go to





Originally published: Thursday, October 13, 2011

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