‘Expect more’ with AC orchestra, choirs

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The music department shows it’s range with a variety of performances

By Chris Copeland

The Amarillo College music department will present a variety of performances this semester.

This year’s chamber orchestra theme is “Expect more.” Kyle Davis, AC’s orchestra director, who has seen the orchestra grow from a small traveling group to a full orchestra since last year, said AC definitely should expect more.

“I love this group,” Davis said. “They are a great community group ranging from teens to a few 80-somethings, and I feel honored to lead them.”

The orchestra has about 30 members, but Davis said he constantly is encouraging new members to join.

“Anybody with previous experience is more than welcome to join,” he said. “We would love to have them.”

The vocal performance department has three groups: the concert choir, vocal jazz group and the master chorale.

The choir already has performed some new pieces inspired by 9/11 and is preparing for its Christmas Concert.

There also is a vocal jazz group consisting of five members, which is an acapella group that uses vocals in place of instruments.

The group is different from a normal choir performance, said Dr. Steven Weber, choral activities director.

“We work to make vocals sound like actual instruments,” he said.

Weber allows the students to be involved in creating the pieces. He said he believes having them share in the creative process will allow them to do it on their own in the future.

“This kind of group makes the students think about music from a different perspective instead of being stuck on sheet music,” he said.

The master chorale is an adult choir led by Weber. It performs regularly with the Amarillo Symphony.

This semester, the chorale will perform Beethoven’s “Christ on the Mount of Olives” with 30 members of the symphony and the Amarillo Boys Choir at St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

“I am so excited about this performance,” Weber said.

“It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss.”


Originally published: Thursday, September 15, 2011

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