Family owned restaurant serves award winning ribs

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Tyler’s Barbeque continues to wow Amarillo natives

By Austin Mcwhorter

Follow the smell of mesquite-smoked meat to 2014 Paramount St., and you’ll find Tyler’s Barbeque. Once you open the door, you will be embraced in a true Texas atmosphere with a warming “Hello” from behind the counter and Lone Star decor surrounding you.

A quick look at the menu will have you going from option to option, and brisket was on my mind when I was asked for my order. For my sides, I loaded up on the starches, with a side of potato salad, Texas toast and peach cobbler.

I sat down at my table that overlooked Paramount and listened to Texas Country on the radio as I ate my feast.

The meal was tasty and had good portions. The meat was so tender, a fork was the only utensil I needed. My sweet tooth loved the cobbler as the finishing touch to the end of the meal.

It’s easy to tell that Tyler’s is family-owned, because the owner prepared my meal right in front of me. A graduate of Tascosa High School, Tyler Frazer had been in the barbecue business for many years before opening his own restaurant.

Soon after opening his doors in May 2010, he received the Best of Amarillo award the following October for his tasty ribs.

The menu ranges from sandwiches to dinner plates, and you also can get meat by the pound.

The most popular menu item is the No. 1, a chopped beef sandwich, a side and a drink for around $7.

If you want to get a big meal, I suggest the Texas Double Chop for $5.95.

Tyler’s is a sit-down restaurant but also has a drive-through window, and I noticed many carry-out orders while I was there. A look at the menu, reviews and a background can be seen on the website at

I give the joint two thumbs up because it’s a breath of fresh air from chain barbecue.

And it’s just plain good.


Originally published: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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